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QMS customers know that their systems will work every time, all of the time

Industrial electronics, like every other application market, continues a rapid acceleration of change. As new technologies are introduced and older systems descend into obsolescence, QMS remains a vital partner to our many customers for retrofitting current platforms, aiding in design for manufacturability, and logistical coordination of technology transfer. QMS products are demanded to operate in the most possible extreme environments from tens of thousands of feet below the Arctic Ocean surface to the hot, dry climate of the Saharan Desert. Explosive atmospheres and chemically unstable environments require unquestioned performance and an ability to meet and exceed all customer expectations. QMS customers know that their systems will work every time, all of the time.

QMS industrial electronics presence spans many disciplines. Like other economy infrastructure supporting printed circuit board assemblies and systems, QMS delivers unparalleled global excellence for power grid diagnostics, transmission regulation, and transformer controllers. The domestic electrical grid sustains our national economic performance. QMS product is essential to ensure reliable performance and ensure constant performance regardless of population growth or geographic expansion. Major national power suppliers rely on QMS circuit boards to deliver the highest possible consumer demands. Pipeline flow control metering for gas and oil production and transfer is another critical infrastructure requirement. Without the highest quality offered by QMS, the negative consequences of poor performance would be catastrophic from both human and economic impacts.

Lighting control is another industrial segment crucial to economic vitality where QMS has partnered across multiple venues of warehousing, public utility, and public works.