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QMS utilizes best practices in the industry and continues pushing the envelope of building quality into process as well as striving for efficiency. The root of our manufacturing process starts with creating the manufacturing router and process internally. QMS takes the customers drawings, bills of materials, and special requirements and formats that into a conforming process outline with Aegis software. The Process has a router of the steps and all the key information is in consistent locations for the operators. Examples: customer name, assembly number, revision, solder alloy, IPC classification, etc. are always in the same location on each page of the process.

QMS is a paperless plant and every work center has a monitor. Employees clock in and out of work orders and can access the process when clocking into the work order. Engineering can keep control of processes whereas in the past paper processes required date stamps and had the risk of circulating beyond a revision change. With the paperless process, a process can only be accessed when on the system. If a revision change were to occur during a build, employees would not be able to access the process therefor not be able to work on the assembly. QMS has the ability to know who worked on each work order and how much time they spent on that order.

Do not pass on to thy neighbor that which is not perfect.

QMS has adopted a philosophy in manufacturing “do not pass on to thy neighbor that which is not perfect”. QMS has quality check points throughout the manufacturing process to help identify errors with communications to instantly communicate upstream immediately to avoid quality issues. The CEO, Jeffrey Cox, believes this philosophy and quality technique is solely enabled QMS to grow to the size they are with only one rework person as well as achieve high 5 sigma quality statistics across 9 check points.

QMS services a very high mix of customers with all ranges of assembly complexities. QMS invests in new manufacturing equipment every single year to keep the latest technology in house. QMS utilizes 7 pick & place smt machines with the newest being a Panasonic capable of two sizes smaller than 1005 package. QMS has four sizes of reflow ovens including a 10-zone Nitrogen Purge oven. QMS wash systems are top of the line with consistent C-20 cleanliness results 16 times minimum industry standards. QMS has a large test department with cutting edge equipment.

In summary, QMS has the best equipment and processes. The truth is there are many companies that can and may have great equipment and processes. What sets QMS apart from others is its people’s desire to do a great job utilizing the equipment and processes. QMS believes the true success is its people living up to the motto “Be Positive, Strive for Perfection, and do it with Passion”.