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Repair Depot

PCB Remanufacturing & Modifications

PCB Repair Services Circuit BoardsJust because production contracts reach delivery fulfillment, it doesn’t mean an end to continuous customer hardware support. Large, multi-year orders often involve extending support past the final field installation. QMS serves multiple customers with ongoing repair depot support. While both subassemblies and systems may reach end of life, continuing electrical and mechanical support is necessary to offset the cost of new system installation.

As new platforms are developed and older systems gradually diminish due to obsolescence, QMS receives, analyzes, tests, and repairs earlier generation commodities until newer platforms may update complete replacement.

QMS partners with our customers to develop transportation logistics to ensure performance continuity, supply chain management to source hard to find commodities, and test support including programming and fixturing. Programs often last several years and while one or more programs reach cycle fulfillment, new repair depot collaboration contributes additional service.

Repair depot service is another element in the QMS perspective of total life cycle support. QMS believes in long-term customer relationships, a continuous value stream, and support does not end after the last printed circuit board assembly has shipped.