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June COVID-19 Update

June 3, 2020 by Sam Hanna | News

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June COVID-19 Update

The safety of our associates and customers will always be the top priority at QMS, as we remain fully operational serving our business partners and our community.

QMS has diligently followed the safety guidelines published by our Government and we continue to employ these practices as we conduct our work. These practices include the following:

  • Precautions to minimize on-site virus spreading including keeping internal doors open, minimizing human contact, practicing social distancing, using masks & face coverings, and regular disinfecting and wiping down areas of high traffic where potential touching may occur.
  • Requiring any symptom exhibiting associate to stay home for exposure elimination.
  • Associates that can effectively work from home are doing so.
  • Interaction with customers, suppliers, and third parties remains minimized but permitted as necessary to remain operational.

QMS appreciates the necessity of maintaining open and regular communications, to assure our customers and associates of our ongoing preparedness and ability to fulfill our commitments. For additional information, please contact QMS at (407) 531-6000 or at info@QMSCFL.com