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Oneness of Heart Book by Phil Thurman

Oneness of Heart written by our own Phil Thurman shares the founding and evolution of QMS, and offers business/life lessons from the 25 year experience.

Are you just starting out with ideas in the back of your head but don’t know where to begin? Have you already taken the leap and committed resources but signs are appearing that you are losing direction or just treading water to stay afloat? Maybe you think you’re doing okay but still believe the possibility exists of a promise much larger and better than where you find yourself at the moment. Oneness of Heart begins in each of us. The understanding develops over a lifetime’s influence of family and friends. Whether a business, non-profit organization, charity, or just an assembly of individuals with the desire to make a difference, complete harmony of purpose towards a common goal gives definition to the most significant giving gesture we can realize. Oneness of Heart is not only all participants in an organization united towards bringing excellence to others but realizing there are no limitations to everyone’s potential. In business, the support and encouragement among associates focused on promoting this potential in themselves is the same Oneness of Heart excellence offered to customers and those in need.

The most profitable any organization can ever become is how much self-worth you enable your associates to recognize within themselves. Profitability naturally results from all associates identifying a single truth: the key to personal and organizational excellence is maximizing value in the existence of as many other lives as possible. Mutual Respect, Humble Gratitude, and Disciplined Accountability are inseparable and intertwined primary traits every Oneness of Heart organization associate must achieve and sustain. Nobody associated either within or outside of any organization can give or receive value if not considered with respect. Associates must also retain humility to understand that excellence stands as an existence demanding constant repetition of proof. No individual, decision, or circumstance is ever taken for granted. While everyone dedicates effort towards the common goal of improving everyone else’s value, the focus doesn’t excuse personal responsibility for less than best effort. A Oneness of Heart culture forms teams where individual interest becomes the same concern for all associates. Instead of blaming individuals, associates unite in evaluating and correcting the conditions contributing to problems while looking for ways to help and improve. Any problem is everyone’s problem and any success is the success of everyone.

By opposing contrast, Separation of Heart only defines value from an impact on individual power replacing the worth of others. All relationships are identified by price, not value. Little to no consideration is given to individual or personal growth. Rather than attempting to inspire and support all associates towards achieving their highest possible capabilities, value definition always exists according to egocentric command and authority. Bending or adjusting principles has no consequence since someone else is always to blame. Faults and excuses always begin from somewhere else. Not enough detail attention or control encourages this perspective. If no clear understanding exists of what each other needs or wants, the chance of customer knowledge awareness becomes just as vague. Knowledge stays in people’s heads from fear of their own individual power somehow becoming compromised or less necessary. Lack of respect, gratitude, or accountability results in power focus for individuals instead of value growth for the entire team. Customers ultimately recognize these same conditions in their products or service. Organizations may manage to last months or even years with this approach but are eventually either sold or consume themselves into nonexistence.

Once recognized and applied as every thought and action’s source, Oneness of Heart no longer requires conscious effort. Resulting benefits automatically generate an output of value for all those participating. Money or material wealth does not define value but clarity of purpose towards giving to others. Character is not rooted in the recognition of our own personal value but how well we can make others identify value in themselves – discovery regardless of what limitations others have attempted convincing them. Even though businesses just starting may have an easier time evolving into a Oneness of Heart organization than more mature, established companies, the following presents no concept requiring more than minimal effort with an exponential return. These principles result from extensive real world experience and not just conceptual academic theories. This author hopes that these realities encourage and mentor any entrepreneur or groups pursuing the realization of their dream. The insights offered will assist established businesses desperately trying to avoid collapse, untested individuals wondering where to start, or anyone striving towards continuous improvement learning in their own organization. Each detailed principle offers strategic awareness, sound foundational truth, and proven methods actualized in the success of Quality Manufacturing Services, Inc. Whether a manufacturing or service company, profit or nonprofit, enduring and universal explored standards remain applicable to establishing and sustaining an organization of excellence. It all begins with you.

Building a team operating with Oneness of Heart does not occur from luck or random people coming together. After the thorough understanding and application of existence for yourself, seek out others with a potential for development and achievement of the same realization. A deliberate forming effort is necessary through coaching and introspection. Oneness of Heart organizations understand that long-term internal and external partnerships sharing the same outlook requires hard work, patience, and time. They know establishing this culture recognizes no accelerators or short-cuts. The Separation of Heart company only knows instant gratification and what can be seen in the moment. The historical establishment of trust, good faith effort, value over price, attention to detail, and all other components of value do not fulfill their need for immediate return. Oneness of Heart tears away barriers of self-doubt, eliminates the craving for personal recognition, and abandons fear of judgement. March forward in confidence that the only significance of existence is enabling others to identify their own internal potential and bring the same realization to as many possible others. Once your associates recognize this quality as the team’s collective cultural basis, the same Oneness of Heart drive participation appears to those searching for the same conclusion.

The Oneness of Heart organization stays rooted in foundational establishment truths but also understands the need for planning adaptation to changing market conditions. Associates within the organization exist with ongoing awareness as a personal expectation. They must readjust and grow as individuals in order for the organization to do the same. If they are not seeking ways of continually improving themselves with your encouragement and support, neither will your business grow towards increasing customer value. Without grasping and applying needs for change, learning does not occur and without learning, improvement cannot happen. Devotion to these truths are a lifestyle at or away from work. Not only are customers the ultimate benefactors but also associates and those needing their support. Your outlook represents the symbolic example of generosity, encouragement, and positive attitude of integrity. No character authenticity will occur in others if not first evident in your own thoughts and actions. If the ideals are not within yourself, you will not find them in those chosen to surround you.

There are no perfect Oneness of Heart organizations nor are there any completely dysfunctional Separation of Heart companies. Instead, most businesses float somewhere in between each condition. Right now, you can most likely identify varying degrees of both in your current organization. However, the advantage remains to those businesses who at least recognize a difference exists, spend resources in a direction of continuous learning, and attempt following the Oneness of Heart path. Separation of Heart companies don’t even realize their dysfunctional existence isn’t necessary. If time invested in the following reading does anything for you, the hope is recognizing inspiration to change your surrounding conditions and if understanding and applying these principles, continue sustaining a culture of constant personal and corporate learning improvement. If success is defined as a dream becoming reality, this realization is a way of existence and expectation of personal and organizational excellence – excellence sourced from a single Oneness of Heart.

Book release in early September 2020.