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QMS Installs New Programmable X-Ray System

August 7, 2015 by Philip P. Thurman | News

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QMS Installs New Programmable X-Ray System

Miniaturization and advancing Bottom Termination Component (BTC) packaging is driving industry demand for process reliability and solder joint consistency no longer detectable through visual inspection.

Zero fail expectations require only the most revolutionary detection approaches available in today’s market.

QMS is pleased to announce installation of our Next-Generation Vertex II X-Ray platform.

This 150 KV running fluoroscope offering three-dimensional axis inspection further enhances our current capability to inspect hidden terminations as well as provide superior solder connection photo imaging.

The Vertex II enables magnification down to the wafer and wire bond level, enabling analysis for EOS damage, counterfeit mitigation, and die structure integrity.  This newest capital asset takes the guesswork out of voiding percentage calculations, ball deformations, and other solder anomalies indicating process deficiencies.

This exciting addition supports our continuing commitment to provide customer service with nothing less than the best manufacturing equipment our industry may offer!