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QMS Installs New Panasonic NPM-WX SMT Machine

October 25, 2021 by Sam Hanna | News

Panasonic, SMT

QMS Installs New Panasonic NPM-WX SMT Machine

In our constant analysis, industry awareness, and resource reinvestment commitment to provide increasing value, QMS is pleased to announce our newest Surface Mount Technology placement machine installation. The Panasonic NPM-WX represents the QMS promise to better service your volume and throughput demands while simultaneously enhancing quality expectations with precision, repeatability, and technical excellence.

This newest addition offers increased flexibility to accommodate larger volumes without sacrificing versatility. Not only is the NPM-WX capable of placing over 43,000 components per hour, it also precisely populates component sizes ranging all the way down to a 03015 mm microchip. Size and speed do not sacrifice versatility.

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