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QMS Installs New Nitrogen Purge SMT Reflow Oven Capability

February 7, 2015 by Philip P. Thurman | News

New Equipment, nitrogen, Reflow Oven, SMT

QMS Installs New Nitrogen Purge SMT Reflow Oven Capability

QMS is pleased to announce yet another exciting addition to our constantly expanding array of leading-edge manufacturing capital – the BTU International Pyramax 125N 10 chamber SMT Reflow Oven with nitrogen purge.

Every industry professional understands that oxidization is the enemy of proper solder flow.  Whether initial molecular oxidation has formed on PCB pads or questionable material storage conditions have initiated termination oxidation, Nitrogen Purge offers a nitrogen blanket mitigating the further advancement of negative oxidation upon solder reflow.

Nitrogen purge technology opens process windows, enhances solder joint crystalline structure, and the ten chambers enables a broader profile range to accommodate various solder allow chemistries and printed circuit board structures.

This capability augmentation ensures QMS production of defect-free, textbook surface mount reflowed joints for the most challenging electronic component package terminations necessitated by today’s manufacturing demand.