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ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 Standard

QMS Industry Certified to ISO-9001:2015 Standard

June 7, 2017

QMS Industry Certified to ISO-9001:2015 Standard June 7, 2017 by Philip P. Thurman | News ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015 QMS is excited to announce it has successfully completed its full certification audit to the ISO-9001:2015 standard. Following a week-long review of the entire Quality Management System, NQA has recommended QMS for certification to the newest […]

ISO 9001 Risk and Opportunity

Risky Business – The Latest ISO9001 and EMS Value Enhancing Confrontation

May 3, 2017

Even the most seasoned professionals become comfortable with routines and preconceived mental models of how their worlds and industries work. The latest ISO9001 revision forces companies to engage in operational and quality management system risk framing to consistently challenge preconceptions.

ISO 9001 Certified Electronics Manufacturer

QMS Gets Recertification to ISO-9001

January 7, 2015

QMS is pleased to announce its recertification to ISO-9001. NQA completed the audit on May 21, 2014 and is recertifying QMS for the current ISO-9001 standard.