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Quick Turn PCB Assembly in Florida

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

August 17, 2017

Quality Manufacturing Services, Inc. answers your challenges. Our experienced, professional team is dedicated to your success. From initial contact, throughout the manufacturing cycle, your customer delivery, and feedback for potential future engineering changes, our unparalleled responsiveness and communication ensures resulting timeliness and quality results surpassing your expectations.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard

QMS Industry Certified to ISO-9001:2015 Standard

June 7, 2017

QMS Industry Certified to ISO-9001:2015 Standard June 7, 2017 by Philip P. Thurman | News ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015 QMS is excited to announce it has successfully completed its full certification audit to the ISO-9001:2015 standard. Following a week-long review of the entire Quality Management System, NQA has recommended QMS for certification to the newest […]

ISO 9001 Risk and Opportunity

Risky Business – The Latest ISO9001 and EMS Value Enhancing Confrontation

May 3, 2017

Even the most seasoned professionals become comfortable with routines and preconceived mental models of how their worlds and industries work. The latest ISO9001 revision forces companies to engage in operational and quality management system risk framing to consistently challenge preconceptions.

SMT Assembly

SMT Assembly and Prototyping

May 1, 2017

QMS possesses the technical resources and personnel to handle practically every degree of development sophistication whether basic through-hole to cutting edge, twenty-five layer dense SMT population with unique layout or prototype/preproduction volume.

Robots Are Coming

The Robots Are Coming! The Robots Are Coming!

April 4, 2017

Robotic manufacturing has already been here for more than half a century and it’s a foregone conclusion that robotic manufacturing technology will only continue growing as a competitive edge, but not the competitive edge.

Built for Speed - Rapid Electronics Manufacturing

Built for Speed: The Future of Domestic Electronics Contract Manufacturing

February 12, 2017

Even though domestic manufacturing favorability has recently increased, supply chain locality and cheap labor should continue entrenching consumer mass production electronics abroad.

Reshoring Manufacturing From China

Why Not China? The Case for Domestic Reshoring

November 6, 2016

As many influences such as cheap labor, communication technology enhancements, and global distribution attracted domestic original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to shift contract manufacturing operations to China in the late 1990s, many fluent conditions are causing many manufacturers to reconsider these decisions and reshore their electronics contract manufacturing strategies.

Panasonic NPM SMT

QMS Installs New Panasonic NPM SMT Machine

March 7, 2016

QMS is pleased to announce the installation of its newest Surface Mount Technology placement machine, capable of placing over 70,000 components per hour, with a component range down to the 03015mm microchip, yet preserve capability up to 120x90mm components up to 40mm tall and nearly 6” long (150mm) connectors.

X-Ray System

QMS Installs New Programmable X-Ray System

August 7, 2015

QMS is pleased to announce the installation of its Next-Generation Vertex II X-Ray Platform, further enhancing its ability to inspect hidden terminations on state-of-the-art electronic components, as well as provide superior quality imaging of solder connections and internal component dies for defect detection and counterfeit mitigation.

Nitrogen Purge

QMS Installs New Nitrogen Purge SMT Reflow Oven Capability

February 7, 2015

QMS is pleased to announce the implementation of Nitrogen Purge SMT Reflow Oven capability, keeping QMS at the leading edge of the high-tech Electronic Manufacturing Services industry. This enhanced capability enables QMS to ensure defect-free, textbook SMT solder reflow on the most advanced electronic components specified in today’s demanding manufacturing requirements.